Thursday, June 20, 2013

MOAB ADVENTURES- MT. Peale, Westwater, and Moonflower Canyon

Moab is one of the most incredible places in the world. The famous highway 128 that runs through Castle Valley is rated the 2nd most scenic drive in the world by National Geographic Magazine. With two days off from work, we did it again. An early morning, and a short 3 hour drive later we found ourselves in just outside of Moab in the La Sal Mountains. 
These peaks contain Mt. Peale which is the highest peak in Utah outside of the Uintas. We set out to summit Mt. Peale, and man was it worth it. The hike itself was a complete scramble up a few thousand feet, through uncharted talus fields, and non existent deer trails. When we reached the peak we were beyond stunned at the sheer magnitude and beauty of what we were looking upon in every direction. With Castle Valley and Moab in one direction, the San Juan Swell in another, and Arizona in another this one of the most epic peaks I have ever summited. 
The following day our friend from Park City as well as a couple of other PC friends took us down Westwater on the Colorado River. Jonny, being a guide for Canyon Voyages showed us one of the best times i've had on the river, and a very memorable day in Moab. Thanks friends what an awesome ride!

Talus Fields (the whole peak looked like this too)

Max and Jonny on their way up
This rock was totally water eroded and enormous.
Looking down the chute we climbed up

Still some water running off from the top

Thinking about the next move
Castle Valley in the distance from the peak of Mt. Peale

Summit rock circle!

 Glissading down the snow ended up being much easier than walking down the loose Talus fields. 

Not a bad view from the top!

Up Kane Creek Road Early  morning reflection
There are arches all over Moab.

Castle Valley on the famous 128 Highway
Bald Eagle spotted on the river.

Stephanie and Aleta
The boys! Max, Jonny and Thayne.

Too much fun!
Jumped off some cliffs too!
Jonny our awesome river guide!

Awesome crew!

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