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So... you want to compete on the FREERIDE WORLD TOUR?

Photo: Mia Maria Knoll

Hello everyone!
I am excited that you are interested in doing Freeride contests and we can help grow this sport in the USA. I found the process to be a bit confusing when I first started, and have since had many people inquiring about how it works and what to expect from doing a Freeride contest, and how to make the Freeride World Tour. This is meant to be a quick overview for people with questions on the process. I've attached links to the full rules and guidelines from IFSA at the bottom of this blog.  I hope you find this informative, short and helpful.

First things first, whether your goal is to make the Freeride World Tour, or enter your very first competition, you will need a membership. This blog is going to focus on those athletes whose goal is to make the Freeride World Tour and what steps are necessary to line themselves up for success, but either way you will need to start here. Based on how many events you'd like to do you can buy a one time membership($25), or a yearly($60).
The link to do this is hereMEMBERPRO WEBSITE

After buying your membership you will be provided login information to the "memberpro" site. This is where you can register for events ONLY. Once you have successfully logged in, you can see upcoming events under the "events" tab hereEVENTS PAGE
On this page you will need to select which region you would like to compete in, whether you are doing an FWQ (Freeride World Qualifier) or FJQ (Freeride Junior Qualifier.) Most people reading this will want to signup for the FWQ contests in REGION 2 (Americas) however, your membership works for the European events as well.
ALL OTHER INFORMATION such as details about events, athlete meeting times, etc can be found on the IFSA website here: IFSA WEBSITE (HOMEBASE)

The tricky thing with events is that they are seeded, meaning you will need to gain enough points by competing in 1*, 2*, and 3* events in order to qualify for the highest tier which is the 4*. However, this year 2* and 3* events are also seeded from the global ranking list because of an influx of participation.
The timeframe to register for the events is always the same and opens 6 WEEKS prior to the contest and closes 4 WEEKS prior to the event. If all of the spots aren't filled in this timeframe, they will reopen registration.


Photo: Jeremy Bernard 

The only events that are first come first served are 1* events. So if this is your first time competing you will need to find 1* events to gain points to qualify for 2* events, and once you have done enough 2* events successfully you will have enough points to qualify for the 3* and so on.
However, if you are an "unranked" rider you need to signup for the higher tier events such as 2* and 3* as soon as registration opens. That will put you higher on the waitlist and give you the best chance of getting spot if people who are seeded higher than you choose not to participate in that event.

Photo: Jeremy Bernard

To simplify, if your goal is to make the Freeride World Tour, you will want to compete in the 4* contests because they are worth more points than a 1,2, or 3*.  Example: Winning a 2* gets you 600 points where winning a 4* gets you 2500. To qualify for the World Tour they take your top 3 results at the end of the season and award the one spot per  category per region for the Tour.
If you're a strategist, you could sign up for every single contest, but that wouldn't guarantee you the most points because they only award the world tour spot from YOUR top 3 results. This year will be different for 4* contests as well, to structure it more like the Freeride World Tour, 4* events will be one day one run events.

The more interest that is shown in these events the better for everyone. Together we can grow this sport in the USA and get it the attention and support it needs. We need to show event organizers that people, especially women are passionate about the world of Freeride in the USA. So ladies, sign up for these events!

Photo: Jeremy Bernard

"Athlete division allocations may vary by event as they are based on the percentage of riders in each division who registered to compete in the event. (Example: If 100 spots were available and 200 riders applied, and 20 of those applicants were female snowboarders, 10 spots would be awarded to the Female Snowboard division.)" - IFSA

Photo: Jeremy Bernard


Saturday, December 2, 2017

Freeride World Tour 2018 FUNdraiser :)

The Freeride World Tour consists of 45 of the most elite freeride athletes on the globe. After many years spent competing in Slopestyle, I am profoundly grateful to have made this transition and participate at the highest level of freeride competition.

To qualify for this spot, I had to win the one overall spot for North and South America last season. In order to do so I went neck and neck with my fellow competitors and had to land on the podium at every event. 

After an amazing season I was able to do everything I needed to do to qualify for the Freeride World Tour, and I can't wait to share this journey with you. 

Although this is an elite tour, not everything will be covered, such as food, and travel to and from events which is the majority of my expenditure.The events take place in Japan, British Colombia, Andorra, Austria, and Switzerland. My goal is to raise $5,000 to help navigate travel and living costs so I may concentrate all of my efforts on respresenting the USA on the world stage!

Thank you for all of your contributions towards my goal so far, I am so grateful for your support! If you would like to see the campaign please visit:

Monday, April 3, 2017


So many things had to line up going into the final stop of the Freeride World Qualifier in order for me to make it on the World Tour next season. I needed to place 1st or 2nd at this final stop to edge out my friend and the current leader Michelle. I had a lot of emotion coming into this event, given how much effort has gone into the season leading up to it. Putting that much pressure on yourself prior to an event usually does not work in ones favor, however, I have been competing long enough to learn how to channel that energy into my snowboarding.

We arrived at Crystal Mountain, the morning before qualifiers to get on the venue and inspect the course. Unfortunately, we misunderstood where the venue would be since the organizers told us it would be somewhere different than what they had planned, in order to conserve snow conditions on the actual course. So, after spending the whole day inspecting the wrong course, I was a little stressed out to learn that the venue was actually going to be somewhere other than what I was looking at all day long. That being said, we were provided with some good photos of the actual qualifying venue at the riders meeting the night before so I was able to study those and find a line to inspect the following morning.

The conditions were pretty great considering the less than ideal snowpack, as well as the lighting coming in and out. We were able to get a glimpse of Mt. Rainier towering behind us from the top of the venue prior to us dropping in for our runs. The sport is continuing to grow and I was ecstatic to compete against 17 talented women in the field (the largest of any i've been a part of.) I dropped in 4th, and was elated to find my line, which was a typical line for me on qualifying days, being a technical line with a high consequence exit through a narrow chute. Most of the field stayed on their feet and there were so many good runs I new that the cut for finals would be harsh and the scores would be tight. They cut the field from 17 girls to 10 for finals, landing me in 5th place going in with less than a point spread from my 5th place score to the girl in first place. I knew I had some making up to do to get myself into that second or first place on the podium. So, I decided to mix up my strategy for finals after seeing what the judges really liked by watching the rest of the runs.

A big thank you to Crystal Mountain for giving us by far the most amazing finals venue of all of the Freeride World Qualifiers in the US. Aptly named the The King, this peak looms above the rest of the surrounding mountains in the area, with prominent rock features, spines, and chutes that cover almost 1200' vertical feet. Needless to say every single person was FIRED UP to ride this venue and genuinely looking forward to our runs for finals. Mother Nature did her part in providing us some fresh snow to help soften up our lines and cushion our landings. Again I dropped in at the beginning of the pack. As I mentioned earlier, I decided to take a less technical line and really lay down some nice turns with some speed that I could take into my cliff drops as well. I found a fun natural halfpipe at the top that allowed me to make some really nice turns tossing snow off the side of the spines each turn and truly having a blast which I think translated into my snowboarding. Hands down one of the most fun runs of my snowboarding life.

 It was a tense few hours waiting for awards to happen later in the day, but it was filled with laughter, smiles, and lots of hooting and hollering watching the rest of the competitors absolutely annihilate The King venue. After it was all said and done, and was literally skipping up to the podium when they announced me in 2nd place solidifying my spot on the FREERIDE WORLD TOUR for next season! I've haven't been this overjoyed in a long time, and it was great to share this moment with my fellow athletes and friends from all over the world.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of my supporters, and my sponsors for helping me get from my first contest in Japan, all the way to standing atop the podium at my last event here at Crystal Mountain and cementing my place on the Freeride World Tour for the 2018 season. Also a big thank you to my family, my mom especially for always believing in her little baby and helping me see through this crazy dream of mine. I love you all, thank you a thousand times! Get ready for the big show next year!

Thanks to my sponsors: Niche Snowboards, Discrete, Mt. Hood Meadows, Aura Optics, PlayHardGiveBack, XS Unified, Outdoor Technology, Shred Betties, 686, Polar Pro

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