Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Beaver Creek Rail Jam with the boys!

 Saturday the 22nd marked the first event of the Ski and Ride Rail Jam series at Beaver Creek. My two roommates were kind enough to escort me over there to compete.

It was a beautiful day, the best you could ask for a rail jam. We showed up about an hour early took a couple laps to warm up, then made our way to the setup. It was a really fun, pretty mellow setup that consisted of two different lines to choose from. I had a blast practicing on the setup and interacting with the locals up there. 
The Open Class Women had 30 minutes for the jam and final, so I went to work right away. It was so awesome to do a rail jam that had a magic carpet right next to it, so if you didn't want to hike, you didn't have to! 

I got a few good tricks on the features and was pretty pleased, but I really wanted to gap to the down of the down flat down feature on the harder line. The speed wasn't quite there but after 3 tries and some really helpful guys towing me in, I finally got it! 

I was really happy to have had the support of my roommates, and my friend Ryan Bregante who took some great photos. 

Thanks again to Beaver Creek for hosting a great event! I am happy to have walked away with 1st place! Also a huge shoutout to my sponsors! Gatorade, Smith Optics, Saga Outerwear, Discrete Headwear, Lyke Watches, Fydelity Stereobags, Canyons Resort, Shred Betties, Snogression, and Phunkshun Wear! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Opening Weekend at Canyons Resort!

I had a wonderful time out in Utah this past weekend riding Canyons and shooting with Justin Olsen. I am very fortunate to be named one of their athletes this season and was able to make it out to shoot an opening day edit with them, along with a couple photos. We were blessed to get on the gondola at 8am (an hour before the public) to get the fresh snow for footage and pictures.

The following day my good friend and team manager for Shred Betties came up to take some laps with me. We had a blast hot lapping, learning new tricks, and getting dorky tourist shots! Thanks again CANYONS RESORT for having us, look forward to going back!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

Starting the season off right!

I am very happy to have been able to get out to Colorado early this season again to train. Riding Abasin was really fun, and on my last day there I won the locals day rail jam and my girl Melissa Riitano took second!

Two days later, the 2nd stop of the Area 51 Rail Jam series took place at Keystone. The setup was really fun, it consisted of; a down rail, a down flat down with a kink at the end, and a flat down box. The jam started around 4pm and it was pretty icy to say the least. They grouped the skier girls and snowboarder girls together for the qualifying heat which was a blast to be a part of. It was so fun watching all the girls put down their new and old tricks, they took the top 5 to finals and i'm happy to say myself and a lot of good friends were in the final round!
We had 30 minutes for the final, it was a little hectic being that all the competitors (guys, girls, skiers, and snowboarders) were all in it, but the energy was high and it was a great final! The down flat down with the kink at the end gave some riders a bit of trouble including me for a little bit. But, I did get a few solid tricks on it so I am pleased with my performance. I was stoked to put down all the tricks I intended to, and again it was amazing to watch so many hungry riders throwing down so early in the season.
I ended up taking 2nd place, and am so stoked! Given how many good girls there were there, I am proud to be up on the podium with fellow Gatorade ambassador Emily Blewitt. Thanks to Keystone Resort for putting up a great rail jam, as well as my sponsors; Gatorade, Saga Outerwear, Smith, Discrete, Phunkshun, Lyke Watches, Fydelity Stereobags, Canyons Resort, Snogression, and Akinz.

River Run Rail Jam [Back To The Grind] from Keystone Resort on Vimeo.

Gatorade Style!

 A fun little edit from my first day back on snow with fellow Gatorade ambassadors Will Mayo, and Emily Blewitt! Enjoy!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lyke Time!

I am happy to announce I am now riding for Lyke Watch Company. I went out with my friend Alice Owens to take some photos of all the wonderful watches they sent me to get started.. Looking forward to a stellar season with them! Check them out here; and be sure to check back for monthly Lyke edits!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beautiful photos from Harper Point Photography!

A huge thanks goes out to Harper Point for happily providing me with these photos for everyone to look at on my blog. These photos were taken by Nathan Rega up at Loveland pass, CO earlier this season while doing a photoshoot for Otterbox! Enjoy

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Thanks again to Rocky Maloney for filming this, along with Jake Strassman, Alex Ericson, Tyler Malay, and David Sischo!
Also big shout out to my sponsors! Capix Helmets, Saga Outerwear, Gatorade, Canyons Resort, Fydelity Stereobags, Akinz, and Shred Betties.

ErikaVikander HOOD Edit #2 2012 from erika Vikander on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Woodward at Copper Sessions # 2 Just do it in the park!

Short and sweet little edit from some double flips into the foam pit at Woodward at Copper this past winter.. now I just need to do it in the park ;)

Woodward at Copper Sessions #2 from erika Vikander on Vimeo.

Gold Camp at Mammoth Mtn.

I am pleased to say I got invited to Gold Camp hosted by the US Snowboard team this past May. While I was avidly snowboarding and learning stuff the whole time, my coach for the week snagged these shots of me sessioning one of the jumps. I threw together this little edit from what I had- hope you enjoy! Start getting ready for winter, because its right around the corner !!

Gold Camp @ Mammoth from erika Vikander on Vimeo.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Thanks to Rocky Maloney for editing this video as well as the following for your wonderful shots!
Rocky Maloney
Jake Strassman
Alex Erickson
Tyler Malay
David Sischo

What an awesome summer! Be sure to stay tuned for another edit dropping soon!
Miss Kelly Underwood and Myself up at Mt. Hood Summer 2012

As always HUGE thanks to my sponsors;

Friday, July 20, 2012

Getting the shot with Drew Smalley

Since being up at Hood I have felt great about the progression of my snowboarding. I have been focusing on spinning and more importantly grabbing with a little style, and I hope it portrays through these photos!
I went and shot with Drew Smalley who I met this year at Ms. Superpark and we got some sweet shots- more to come- thanks for your hard work Drew- it was super fun! Can't wait to do it again!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hood Update... Can you have too much fun? NOPE!

So I have been up at hood for about a week, and we have had quite a few sunny days on the mountain so far. I have been breaking in my new board and adjusting to the new equipment(thanks NOPE!) My boyfriend snapped a couple of photos of me on my new board (Tomoe Gozen) on my iphone that I thought I would share with everyone... Enjoy!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


After scrambling for the past month or so to get my finances in order and try to raise money to fund the New Zealand trip, I am happy to say the scrambling is over, and I can completely focus on one thing, SNOWBOARDING.
A huge thanks is in order to everyone who has contributed to my goal, and I am thrilled to let you all know that I WILL BE at every single FIS sanctioned event guaranteed.
A very exciting change has just happened in my life and I can give %100 focus to being the best snowboarder I can be. Thanks again to the following folks for your contribution!

$25 Casey Reichenburg
$25 Bob and Becky Pengraph
$100 Jenn Perell

$100 William Horenburg
$100 John Lynch at Integrated Network Cable
$100 Dane Vikander
$250 John Perell
$500 Jack and Cindy Blount
$1,000 John and Liz Perell

With your help I was able to raise over $2,000. From this point forward I will be able to focus all of my attention toward my Olympic Dream. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shoot for the Stars.... a.k.a the 2014 Olympics in Sochi!

My whole life I wanted to pursue a career in snowboarding. With the induction of slopestyle to the 2014 Winter Olympics my dream is quickly turning into a reality. Through hard work, dedication, training, time management, and people like you helping me along the way, I can achieve this goal of becoming the woman in the snowboard industry that I have always dreamed of being.
Growing up in Montana, I had time to focus on the simpler things in life. Taking ballet and playing soccer through my youth taught me dedication, which gave me the tools to pursue a career in snowboarding. I am now in a position in my life where it is so close that I can literally taste it, every little bit helps, and with financial support from my peers, friends, sponsors and family members I can achieve success.

With the new addition of Slopestyle to the 2014 Sochi Olympics I have found new focus in my snowboarding. I now have a clear goal to work towards. This past season I took the initiative to start the qualification process  FOR THE OLYMPICS through participating in contests like the Revolution Tour, as well as the Grand Prix and other FIS sanctioned events to acquire the proper points to be considered for the team. Through hard work, dedication, and help from everyone in my life, I was able to position myself properly to be in the running for the US SLOPESTYLE team! Upon receiving an invitation to train with the US Team in Mammoth, May 14-21st of 2012, I realize I am on the right path. I have taken the right steps and will continue to do so to obtain my goal. 

The first official contest to obtain points is this August in Cardrona, New Zealand. Physically, I know I am capable, I just need to get to New Zealand to show them what I've got. With support from people like you, I can succeed in my Olympic race, and bring home a medal for our nation. 
My goal is to raise $15,000 to get to Cardrona as my first step in my Olympic quest. If you would like to help me take the first step to start the Olympic qualification process please, it would mean the world to me.

Please visit:

This will make  a huge impact on my life, and I would like to show you my thanks.

For any dollar amount under $50 I will post your name on my blog as a contributor.
For every $50+ that is donated I will send a Goodie Pack from my sponsors.
For every $100 contribution you will receive both of those things in addition to your name on a one-of-a-kind snowboard I will ride at the Olympics.
For every $500 donated you will receive a special edition goodie bag with product from all of my sponsors, along with a full day private snowboard lesson from me.
For everyone who contributes $1000 or more, you will receive a special edition piece of art from  Cydette Vikander.
As well as receiving your choice of a snowboard from
I am so grateful for this potential opportunity, thank you for your support. 

    Thursday, May 3, 2012


    Ms. Superpark is one of those events I look forward to all year. This year was no different and I was thrilled to get to shred Squaw Valley with all the ladies for the four day session! Thanks a ton to Pat Bridges for inviting me as well as Snowboarder Magazine, Gatorade, and Squaw Valley for hosting the event... more pics to come soon but here is a little taste!
     Ms. Silvia and I checking out the setup
     Olympic shot!
     Jump #1
     The lovely ladies... Silvia, myself, Nirvana, and Danika

     Silvia and I love coffee, almost as much as we loved this coffee shop!
    8:30am Princess Gondola Ride
     The whole setup from the lift.
     Donner Lake/ Lake Tahoe
    Good times as always!!

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