Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Make a Wish come true at Breckenridge, CO

Myself, Bryce, his brother and sister Ethan and Kayla. 

I have been privileged to work with the Make a Wish Foundation for the past few years since moving to Colorado. They are an absolute inspiration, and I can't wait to continue to grow our relationship and grant more wishes!
Living in Breckenridge is unbelievable, and many people would love to come here just to be a part of the mountains, snow, and community. Thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation, 8 year old Bryce got to do just that. He and his family were brought to Breckenridge for a ski vacation and some relaxing time in the mountains.
Looking for more ways to personally give back in my snowboarding career, this seemed a perfect opportunity to give back to the snowboard community, and help to do my part in inspiring the next generation of snowboarders.
It was a complete honor to get to know and teach Bryce and his family about snowboarding. What an amazing human being and supportive family! I look forward to granting many wishes like this!

Bryce and myself on the hill

Bryce got some goodies from my sponsors! 

Ethan and Bryce

Siblings; Ethan, Bryce, and Kayla

The whole family! 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2014 Wrap Up

Well 2014 has come to a close, and as I've mentioned before it could have been one of my worst years ever. Having torn my ACL at the Olympic qualifier at Breckenridge, I was obviously devastated, but decided to put all of my focus and energy into rehabilitation of my knee. It has most definitely paid off, I was able to coach at Windells this summer and get back a little bit of on snow time that I had lost. Working with personal trainers, and dedicating hours in the gym has enabled me to be riding again at a level that I am comfortable being at, and constantly pushing myself and my body every day. I have a different approach to this season and am excited to be working on a few different projects with Bombas Socks, and the Make a Wish Foundation, that are setting the standard for giving back. I am also looking forward to competing in the Subaru Freeride Series which is a realm I am quite comfortable being in, but have never had the opportunity to compete. 
The road to recovery will never quite be over, and I will always strive to be better being a competitive athlete. I would like to thank all of my supporters who have stood behind me on this journey, I would not be here without you. 

Photo: +4REELmedia 

Photo: +4REELmedia 

+Polar Pro  + Hitcase

Top of Abasin

Photo: +4REELmedia 

                                            Snowsurfing at Breckenridge from erika Vikander on Vimeo.

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