Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Woodward at Copper Sessions- JUST DO IT IN THE PARK.

The main reason I wanted to get to Colorado so badly was to go and use the facilities at Woodward. Fortunately, I got a pass so I have been taking full advantage of it. Thanks Don, and Phoebe! A couple of my girlfriends and I decided to start a little project and film our sessions. This is a little edit from our first two, we had tons of fun and learned some really good corked spins both ways, doubles, and even a triple front! Enjoy... and remember, just do it in the PARK!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Early Birds at the Abasin from erika Vikander on Vimeo.

After many hours spent prepping to move to Breckenridge I finally made it on Wednesday. I stopped through Park City on my way to break my drive up, so I had a nice little 7 hour drive. Lucky for me Arapahoe Basin opened the following day after I arrived. I am ecstatic to be in Colorado for the season and I can’t wait until Breckenridge opens! But in the meantime I shredded the opening day at Abasin with Courtney Cox and Bev Vuillemier. We had tons of fun playing frogger with all of the people everywhere on the “white ribbon of death” and we were all smiles

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Pow Day at Mt. Hood Meadows

Pow Day at Mt. Hood Meadows