Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Red Bull Buttercup and some Halfpipe shredding


At 9:30 in the morning the halfpipe is near perfect. My dad and I went up on the morning of friday the 9th, and took some pictures at the halfpipe in my new Roxy outerwear. The halfpipe is not my strong point necessarily, but after riding it more this past season, and getting comfortable in it, I would like to pursue it a little more. We shot for about 3 hours, while I took laps on 3 kings lift.
After re-situating to a couple of different angles we got a couple of really nice shots. We also we able to critique ourselves, and figure out what we can do better next time. It was lots of fun, and very mellow to shoot with my dad.  
We headed back down to Salt Lake around 12:30 and I had enough time to take a short nap. When I woke up Garrett had just got home from work, and it was time to head up to Brighton for the Red Bull Buttercup. After registering, we made our way to Brighton's upper lodge. Garrett was kind enough to sit down there for 3 hours while I competed! He bought me a single ride ticket for $12, and I went up to the course.
I was so happy when I arrived. The setup looked inviting, they had good music, and there were a lot of other girls there!
We had about 30 minutes to practice on the course which included two butter box options; an up-flat-whoop box, and an up-flat-down box with a single barrel rail in the middle of that and another flat box. The course was perfectly maintained and they kept it that way the whole time. Way to go guys thanks!
When it was time to start the competition, we were all eager to get our butters' on. They grouped the womens' division with the 14 and under boys, and we were given 20 minutes to jam.
That was plenty of time. I started off with some nice buttery frontside 270's on and off the up-flat-whoop box. Mixing it up a little bit I also played around on the other setup. I ended with some solid cab 270's on and off the up-flat-whoop box. With a huge smile on my face I felt really confident about my performance, and waited patientally through the rest of the competition.
To my even greater satisfaction, they didn't make the girls do finals, and they judged us on our 20 minute heats. When it was all said and done I walked away with 1st place. I'm stoked on a very successful day!
Redbull did a great job with this event as did Brighton. The setup was awesome, the park crew kept it nice, and everyone had a great time.


  1. You just rock Erika! Great job!!!

  2. Awesome performance coupled with fluid style!!


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