Sunday, October 13, 2013

Keystone A51 Backyard BBQ Rail Jam 2013

September 7th Marked the 2nd annual Backyard BBQ rail Jam at Keystone Resort with an awesome setup built by the Keystone A51 terrain park crew. I can honestly say every single person there had so much energy to snowboard, the anticipation was high all around and everyone was ready to ride. The event kicked off around noon with the ladies taking the spotlight first! This is pretty rare in itself so we were thrilled to get to hit the course first and show what we can do.

The amount of girls trying hard tricks first thing this season was pretty impressive, I was blown away at the courage these girls had. Fortunately for me, I have done a couple rail jams in my day and know what it takes to make finals and put on a good show. They chose the top 5 girls for finals which included some really great riders, and I was very happy to be chosen at one of the finalists. Two or so hours later after all the other riders were able to compete for their chance at finals, the finals took place and it was an intense session. Everyone was throwing their hardest tricks, people flying in from all directions, people on rails at the same time, on the wall ride, on the ground, literally everywhere you looked there was someone trying to show what they are made of, and it was quite the show! At the end of the 20 minute finals heat I was thrilled to have put down some pretty technical tricks, including front and back lips, 180s on and off, and some serious fun on the wall ride, landing me in first place.  Congratulations to everyone who participated and to KEYSTONE RESORT for hosting such an awesome event to get us all stoked for what is going to be a purely EPIC 2013/14 season.

Backyard BBQ Rail Jam at Keystone from Angry Snowboarder on Vimeo.

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