Monday, March 18, 2013

Ms. Superpark 2013 At Keystone

Being invited to Ms. Superpark is a huge honor. Pat Bridges is "the man" of snowboarding, and has been for a while. If he invites you, you have to ride hard, and prove you deserve to be there. Despite having broke my tailbone at the US OPEN a couple days prior to this photoshoot, I couldn't let that get the best of me, I decided to play it "safe" on the setup for this event. When I say play it safe, its slightly humorous in the sense that nothing there was really safe, the rail garden was intense, the jumps were pretty big, and the channel jumps, well you can make your own judgement after looking at the photo. However, Keystone A51 Terrain park is like home to me, and I've never felt more on point, than I did those 4 days. They did a wonderful job building it along with Snowboarder Magazine, and Gatorade.
I am very happy to have obtained a shot in the day 1 video, as well as day 3&4 as well as a couple of really great photos. It was difficult riding when "butt-checking" is NOT an option, but I kept my composure and had the most fun on the mountain, I live to ride another day ;) Photos and videos below;

 Myself and Christy Prior

 Photo: Melissa Evans
Photo: Ryan Hughes

Thanks again to all of my sponsors for helping me get to this point; Burton, Smith Optics, Gatorade, Saga outerwear, Lyke Watches, Fydelity, Phunkshun, Snogression, Discrete Headwear, La Isla Brand, Hitplayyoga, Canyons Resort, Kind Bars, and Shred Betties! 

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