Monday, November 12, 2012

Starting the season off right!

I am very happy to have been able to get out to Colorado early this season again to train. Riding Abasin was really fun, and on my last day there I won the locals day rail jam and my girl Melissa Riitano took second!

Two days later, the 2nd stop of the Area 51 Rail Jam series took place at Keystone. The setup was really fun, it consisted of; a down rail, a down flat down with a kink at the end, and a flat down box. The jam started around 4pm and it was pretty icy to say the least. They grouped the skier girls and snowboarder girls together for the qualifying heat which was a blast to be a part of. It was so fun watching all the girls put down their new and old tricks, they took the top 5 to finals and i'm happy to say myself and a lot of good friends were in the final round!
We had 30 minutes for the final, it was a little hectic being that all the competitors (guys, girls, skiers, and snowboarders) were all in it, but the energy was high and it was a great final! The down flat down with the kink at the end gave some riders a bit of trouble including me for a little bit. But, I did get a few solid tricks on it so I am pleased with my performance. I was stoked to put down all the tricks I intended to, and again it was amazing to watch so many hungry riders throwing down so early in the season.
I ended up taking 2nd place, and am so stoked! Given how many good girls there were there, I am proud to be up on the podium with fellow Gatorade ambassador Emily Blewitt. Thanks to Keystone Resort for putting up a great rail jam, as well as my sponsors; Gatorade, Saga Outerwear, Smith, Discrete, Phunkshun, Lyke Watches, Fydelity Stereobags, Canyons Resort, Snogression, and Akinz.

River Run Rail Jam [Back To The Grind] from Keystone Resort on Vimeo.

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