Saturday, May 26, 2012


After scrambling for the past month or so to get my finances in order and try to raise money to fund the New Zealand trip, I am happy to say the scrambling is over, and I can completely focus on one thing, SNOWBOARDING.
A huge thanks is in order to everyone who has contributed to my goal, and I am thrilled to let you all know that I WILL BE at every single FIS sanctioned event guaranteed.
A very exciting change has just happened in my life and I can give %100 focus to being the best snowboarder I can be. Thanks again to the following folks for your contribution!

$25 Casey Reichenburg
$25 Bob and Becky Pengraph
$100 Jenn Perell

$100 William Horenburg
$100 John Lynch at Integrated Network Cable
$100 Dane Vikander
$250 John Perell
$500 Jack and Cindy Blount
$1,000 John and Liz Perell

With your help I was able to raise over $2,000. From this point forward I will be able to focus all of my attention toward my Olympic Dream. 

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Pow Day at Mt. Hood Meadows

Pow Day at Mt. Hood Meadows